We set up Skeptical DVDs so that people can experience the joy of a Skeptics in the Pub whenever and wherever they want.

Each disc contains a full talk and question and answer session shot from multiple angles with any slides or videos from the speakers' presentations overlaid so you don't miss a single detail. The discs are edited with menus, photos and extras for your added pleasure.

Although this is a slightly separate entity from Birmingham Skeptics it has the same ethos as all SitP activities in that it is a completely voluntary and not for profit venture. We thought it would be a good idea to be able to bring a bit of skeptical goodness to your living room and all profits are donated to Birmingham Skeptics.

You can see a review of the first 5 discs by Deborah Hyde, here.

We don’t upload the talks as we don’t wish to dilute the impact they might have on future audiences as the speakers often travel from group to group. If you can see these talks live at your local SitP then we strongly urge you to do so. 

The DVDs are on sale at all of our talks for just £3 each.

If you are a bit further away then we'll be more than happy to pop them in the post.

All of our discs are REGION FREE.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, they will work in your DVD player. We already have satisfied customers in the USA and Australia with no problems in viewing. They will also work in your computer of course.

All our discs are posted for the same price WORLDWIDE.

Although prices differ we've estimated that we will neither gain nor lose on this. Be assured that out postage and packing prices are calculated solely on the purchase cost of the postage and packing. We aim to make nothing out of providing this service. If we lose, we'll take the hit, not you.

For mail order the price is £3.00 for each disc you order plus:

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£4.00 for 7-10 Discs


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A Skeptical Look at Atheism – Andy McIntosh

Every now and then we like to invite speakers who might be expected to hold views outside skepticism to see if they stack up. In this talk, scientist and Young Earth Creationist, Andy McIntosh puts forward his ideas and beliefs on evolution, creation and faith in this extraordinary and controversial talk. He is happy to tell us we're not skeptical but are his arguments valid?

“like watching someone descend into delusion before your eyes “ - Mil Millington

Total Running Time 1h39m – Talk 59m; Q & A 33m; Closing Statement 7m.

When the Universe came to the People – Alice Sheppard

There is a great history of monied Gentleman Scientists and state sponsored research but what can the ordinary citizen do? Alice takes us through the great achievements in astronomical history and shows us how we can all be at the forefront of scientific advances from our back gardens or even our armchairs. Alice was recently written up in the Guardian for her work in the Galaxy Zoo, part of the Zooniverse.

“...moderator-in-chief of the known universe” The Guardian

Total Running Time 1h29m – Talk 66m; Q & A 23m.

The Mathematics of Juggling - Colin Wright

In 1984 there was no formal way to write down juggling patterns, just wordy descriptions. It was soon found that with the application of simple mathematical rules it was possible to invent one. Soon the maths was predicting things no-one had thought of...

“might give the impression of a display of juggling skills, but it actually covers many levels of maths and science, how they work, what they mean and why they are important” -   Professor Rob Hillman

Total Running Time 1h49m – Talk 54m & 34m; Q & A 21m.

What are the 12 Steps? - Danny Strickland

The 12 step programme of recovery has been used to help people recover from addiction and dependence since 1935. Danny discusses what exactly the 12 steps are, what they really mean and just how effective they are and tackles questions such as are 12 step groups cults, is a belief in a god central to the programme and if so, can atheists really use it?

“Made me cry and made me laugh – f***ing awesome” - Jo R, Hampshire

Total Running Time 1h51m – Talk 51m; Q & A 62m.

Darwin's Ghosts - Rebecca Stott 

Successful author Rebecca Stott takes us through the extraordinary thinkers – poets, philosophers and scientists – who dared to explore the possibility of the mutation of species in the 2000 years before Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'. It confirms that evolution, in its challenge to religious, social and political orthodoxies, has always been a profoundly dangerous idea. As with many of our talks the Q and A provides a rich insight into both the topic and the speaker.

“An excellent cerebral evening. Darwin's even more fascinating now I know a little more.” -  Rich Wiltshire, Birmingham

Total Running Time 1h34m – Talk 47m; Q & A 47m.

Open Mic Night

In a change to the usual format, we opened up the stage to see what talent we had lurking in our audience. We weren't disappointed and, from author Mil Millington's witty moral quandary to Jade Quarrell's moving personal talk about cancer quackery taking in Wicca from Grant Carpenter, internet scams from Simon Stanford and live music from Blake Hutchings, the night was a rip-roaring success.

“Awesome line-up!” Piv Gopalasingam, Birmingham

Total Running Time 1h32m – Talks 42m & 50m.

Hypnotism Without Hypnosis - Martin Taylor

Originally, like most people, Martin Taylor believed hypnosis was a special state of mind: that people were actually going into some mysterious trance. But discussions with sceptical friends and scientists combined with his own experience led him to realise that stage hypnosis is nothing more than a combination of suggestion, peer pressure, and obedience. He combines a thorough scientific debunking of the trance myth with anecdotes from his career illustrating them his own performances, all without using hypnosis, of course.

“Fab night at @Brum_Skeptics with Martin Taylor” - Dr. Jo MacIver

Total Running Time 1h55m – Talk 56m; Q & A 59m.

Like a Virgin - Dr Aarathi Prasad

Religions place humans at the centre of creation and provide the idea that such perfectly made beings tamper with their nature at their peril but what is evolution of reproduction if not a history of biological tweaks going  back millions of years? Dr. Aarathi Prasad, science journalist, author and broadcaster explores how technology could be used to allow infertile couples, of any sex, to have their own biological children by creating a true virgin birth.

“Fascinating talk on parthenogenesis, and the many weird and wonderful things that happen in reproduction” - Chris Bainbridge, Birmingham

Total Running Time 1h13m – Talk 42m; Q & A 31m.

Electric Cars are Rubbish. Aren't They? - Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn is an actor, writer, comedian, TV presenter, self-described conflicted wet liberal and probably the UK's most prominent advocate of electric vehicles, presenting a YouTube show Fully Charged which documents current developments in the electric vehicle industry. In this eye-opening, hilarious and slightly sweary talk he dispels the myths and misapprehensions of electric cars leaving Clarkson and the petrochemical industry in his solar panel powered wake.

For all his self-deprecation... (Robert Llewellyn) an entertaining, knowledgeable & realistic evangelist for electric cars. “ - Simon Stanford, Birmingham

“Wonderfully entertaining and informative“ Andy Pickering, Rugby

Total Running Time 1h38m – Talk 58m; Q & A 40m.

At our talks we also sell copies of The Skeptic magazine as a service to our attendees.

The Skeptic, founded in 1987 and published quarterly, is the UK’s only regular magazine to take a sceptical look at pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal. It is a non-profit magazine and is an invaluable resource for journalists, teachers, psychologists, and inquisitive people of all ages who yearn to discover the truth behind the many extraordinary claims of paranormal and unusual phenomena. Copies retail at £5.00.

We are supplied with these on a sale-or-return basis and make no profit from it. Copies can also be obtained via mail order through the above link.

If you have any enquiries about our DVDs please contact:

We currently film with three HD 1080 cameras with occasional footage from a fourth (for the technically minded the post-edit output is 720). Prior to talk 9 (Robert Llewellyn) some of the cameras used were not HD. The first DVD was filmed simply with a single locked-off HD camera.

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